Keeping People Safe at Work and Play

A Turnkey Solution for Organizations Faced with Managing the Risks Associated with a Global Pandemic.


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We can't stay home forever...


Employees can go back to work. Venues can re-open.

Concerts and Sporting Events can thrill and engage us again.

Places of Worship, Airports, Night Clubs and Restaurants can restore a sense of normalcy to our world.


VenueScreen can help make these things happen sooner.

Using our two-stage protocol and our VenueScreening stations, we can safely and effectively help open our world up again!

Let us show you how...

A Comprehensive Solution to Safety

We've introduced a NEW PRODUCT to enable rapid, non-contact health screenings based upon elevated temperature indications. Our VenueTablet offers instant temperature readings within 1.5 feet. It can be monitored by an attendant or integrated with access control (e.g., turnstile).  The VenueTablet is ideal for quickly screening customers or employees at low-volume entries, points of sale, & health providers.   

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What People are Saying

Our Clients Weigh In

The team at VenueScreen did an excellent job!!!!

VP Safety and Risk Management  Cambria

Wendy Hearn 

VenueScreen is the best in the business. Period

Security Director at a Global  Medical Device Company

You've got quite a team of detail oriented and inspired people at VenueScreen

CEO Cambria Marty Davis


Operational and Available Now

  • Protect your employees and customers

  • Show them how much you care

  • Comply with emerging government requirements

  • Get back in business...and stay in business!

Rick Barron, CEO

VenueScreen began when Rick identified a need, carefully chose the best technology available, and refined a proven protocol for temperature screening. Now, he leads VenueScreen to deliver our unmatched service and systems to a world eager to get back to work and play.

Zarir Erani, President

Zarir brings decades of experience to the collective IQ of our team.  As CEO of Sun Country Airlines, he took a struggling Twin Cities-based air carrier and turned it into a winning and profitable entity.  His career spans decades in executive roles, across multiple industries, and he is a leader, advisor and board member at several companies. 

Bob Emfield, Strategic Planning Director

Bob’s track record is unparalleled. Co-founder of the “Tommy Bahama” brand, he is a gifted innovator with proven strategic marketing skills that redefined an entire era of culture through clothing. Mr. Emfield’s contribution at VenueScreen is twofold. Foremost, he is the cornerstone of our strategic plans. And, Bob also has a deep love for America that he uses to inspire the entire team at VenueScreen.


Chris Koelzer, Chief Operating Officer

A former Marine Corps officer and F/A-18 pilot, Chris brings both discipline and determination to VenueScreen as we take on the greatest opponent America has faced in decades. In civilian pursuits, Mr. Koelzer has worked as a corporate operations analyst, aviation industry consultant, and small business owner.

Gregg Emfield, Chief Revenue Officer

Gregg knows a thing or two about providing quality products to a hungry marketplace. He served as the Midwest Regional Sales Director for Tommy Bahama for 24 years.  Gregg is a calm presence in a world where cooler heads literally do prevail and he is the lifeblood of VenueScreen. 

Theresa Finn, Vice President of Sales - Central Region

Theresa brings a passion for problem solving and helping organizations thrive with over 25 years of executive leadership roles in sales, manufacturing and operations. As a strong patriot in this time of uncertainty, it is her goal to get America back to work safely. 

Russell Miller, Vice President of Sales - Western Region

With a formidable track record of connecting the dots that exist between problems and solutions, if an answer is needed, Russell will move

heaven and earth to find it.  Throughout his career, he has played key roles in the development of numerous high-profile products and technologies.

Laurie Emfield, Vice President of Sales - Eastern Region

Laurie has a great passion to help people. She has been part of numerous non-profit organizations and charity fundraising events over the last two decades, including

Open Arms of Minnesota, Make A Wish Minnesota, and The Garden of Hope and Courage, Naples FL. 

Laurie is a key part of the VenueScreen team. 

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