Get back to work AND future-proof your company against future shut downs 

VenueScreen's NEW product, the VenueTablet, enables rapid, non-contact health screenings through elevated temperature indications. Can be monitored by an attendant or integrated with access control (e.g. turnstile). The technology instantly identifies anyone within 1.5 feet of the tablet with a temperature above the set threshold, helping you protect your employees and customers from sickness, and saving you from frivolous lawsuits.

venuescreen graphic.png
venuscreen tablet.png
  • 8-inch LCD screen

  • Non-contact thermal body skin temperature measurement

  • High accuracy

  • Voice prompt

  • Real-time mask detection

  • Part of a comprehensive solution

  • Full screening protocol customized to your facility

  • Touch-free hand sanitizer machines

  • Personal Protective Equipment (masks, face shields)

  • Long-term support relationship